Life-Saving Rules

Our life-saving rules keep our people and the environment safe each and every day. The life-saving rules are non-negotiable, full-stop. GENEX has worked closely with employees to establish a set of rules designed to identify the most likely cause of injury to our people and harm to the environment. We entrust powers to our people to stop the job if anything appears unsafe in any way. These are choices our employees commit to, each and everyday. Choices which save lives and keep families together.

Road safety
Follow safe driving rules and demonstrate safe driving practices. I will not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor will I drive fatigued or speed.

Always verify isolations and zero energy before work begins.

Fitness for work
I will never present to work, drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or fatigue.

Working at heights
When working at heights, adopt adequate fall prevention procedures and use adequate fall protection equipment.

Work authorisation
Work with a valid permit (customer authorisation).

Hazardous areas
I will follow gas hazardous areas procedures to ensure I limit any ignition sources in a hazardous area. Our people often work in gas hazardous areas with explosion potential. We have created clear procedures for the safe management of gas hazard atmospheres in the workplace.

Suspended loads
I will never work under, or walk under any suspended loads.

Confined spaces
I will never enter or work in a confined space without the appropriate controls in place.