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GENEX ENERGY specialise in the design, installation, commissioning, and on-going servicing of industrial power generation equipment and Type-B industrial gas appliances across key regions of Western Australia and South Australia.

Your trusted experts in remote power station operation and maintenance, offering integrated thermal solutions tailored to meet diverse industrial needs in the commercial, mining and mineral processing, and chemical processing sectors, ensuring optimal performance and reliability every step of the way.


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GENEX ENERGY are specialists in the design, installation, & commissioning of industrial electrical, instrumentation, & industrial gas (Type-B) appliances.

Industrial Gas Service Provider

For comprehensive commercial and industrial (Type-B) gas services, rely on GENEX ENERGY’s expert team of I-class gasfitters.

We specialise in the design, installation, commissioning, and servicing of Type-B gas appliances from power generation equipment such as gas turbines and reciprocating engines, to thermal solutions such as elution heaters, furnaces, and carbon regeneration kilns for gold processing.

Services include:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Servicing & Repair
  • Parts & Equipment Sales
  • Training & Gas Management Planning.

Electrical & Instrumentation

GENEX offers a suite of industrial electrical, instrumentation, and process control services, providing tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Our dedicated team work closely with clients, offering end-to-end support from initial design, installation, and commissioning to ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Services include:

  • Design, Installation, & Commissioning
  • Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA)
  • Inspection, Verification & Testing
  • Instrument Calibrations
  • Process Control & Troubleshooting.
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We've worked with some of the biggest brands in the Australian energy & resources sectors

Our Clients

Our services provide value to a variety of markets including power generation and utilities, gas transmission and distribution, mining and mineral processing, and manufacturing. GENEX ENERGY are honoured to serve some of Australia’s most recognised brands.

Biogas & Landfill Gas Power Generation

Waste-to-energy solutions. Landfill gas and Biogas gas are used to generate cleaner and greener electricity.

Couple that with Carbon capture and the process has the potential to be Net Zero Carbon Emissions.

Methane & Waste Gas Flares

Methane is 28 times more harmful to the environment then Carbon Dioxide. Landfill and Biogas gas is captured and flared, forming CO2.

A great alternative to venting harmful biogas and landfill gases directly to atmosphere.

Biogas & Landfill Gas Systems

Delivering comprehensive carbon abatement solutions, turnkey design, construct, and service solutions. Build, own, and operation of innovative technology solutions.

Waste management needs to be a part of our clean energy future.

An absolute wealth of knowledge. Were vital in assisting with our project requirements. Could not recommend the team at GENEX higher.

Michael DilgerBrolgas Technical Services

GENEX ENERGY have assisted in multiple projects with HEX Solutions and proven to be a reliable, trustworthy and professional organisation. HEX Solutions are happy to recommend GENEX ENERGY and looks forward to future projects where we can work together supplying quality services to our clients.

Thomas WayteHEX Solutions

A company that has an outstanding delivery of professionalism and a quality of service. Will look forward to working with Byron in the future.

Peter RegenfelderENI Blacktip

Very impressed with the capability of Byron and his team. They delivered a very professional and favorable outcome to the optimization of our type B gas appliance to drastically increase its efficiency for our Hydrogen demonstration plant use case. There was proactive and timely engagement along the whole process. So I will happily engage them again for any gas fitting works in the future.

Anthony HillsOperations Superintendent | HAZER CDP

Meet The Experts

All of GENEX ENERGY’s remarkable accomplishments stem from the extraordinary individuals within our team, united by a shared passion to revolutionise the energy landscape and meet the dynamic needs of our community.

Director | Gas Fitter & Electrician

Byron McNeil

Byron is an engineering professional and the driving force behind GENEX ENERGY. He is passionate about helping companies achieve high levels of safety, reliability, and works closely with clients in support of industrial electrical and industrial gas compliance.

Whether it's the development of a Gas Management Plan as part of a site specific Gas Authorisation Scheme, on-site training for supervised and supervising gasfitters, or assisting with implementation of safe system of work for industrial gas Type B appliances, he has the knowledge and expertise to assist.

With a passion for sustainable energy solutions, Byron embarked on a mission to establish GENEX ENERGY, an innovative industrial and commercial energy company committed to revolutionising the industry. Under his guidance, the company has grown into a trusted provider of comprehensive energy services.

Driven by his unwavering determination to shape a sustainable energy future, Byron is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for clients and making a positive impact on the industry as a whole. With his visionary leadership and a team of talented professionals, GENEX ENERGY continues to spearhead advancements in the energy sector and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

Byron's leadership philosophy centres on empowering his team to excel and fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. He understands that success lies in the collective expertise and dedication of the people who drive GENEX forward.

GENEX ENERGY | Meet the Team
Operations Manager

Krysten McNeil

Krysten has been an account manager in the energy and resources sector for over 15 years. She handles all manner of administrative and operational tasks.

Krysten has been an account manager in the energy and resources sector for over 15 years. Having worked closely with some of the state's largest energy companies. She handles all manner of administrative and operational tasks, keeping our technicians prepared. She is typically the first person any new customer engages with and probably the most influential in terms of customer satisfaction. Krysten is a fantastic people person, who know her job well and will always go above and beyond. She is certainly a valuable member of our team, and we are lucky to have her.

Why did you choose to work with GENEX?
"As a mother, it's important to me that I have a work-life balance. GENEX can offer me school hours, so I can still drop-off and pick up my boys from school. The support I have received since starting with the business is something I have never experienced before".

What contribution do you make to the business?
"I am the Operations Manager; it is my responsibility to support the workshop and field-staff. Provide them with the tools to complete their tasks safely, on-time and on budget".

Health & Safety Manager

Daniel Ferguson

Daniel has a wealth of experience across a number of industries spanning over 30 years. He has been the health and safety manager for some of Australia's largest mining and resources companies.

Daniel has a wealth of experience across several industries spanning over 30 years. He has been the health and safety manager for some of Australia's largest mining and resources companies. Daniel has helped several companies achieve ISO accreditation for environmental, health and safety, and business management systems. This is what he is good at, and exactly how he helps GENEX daily.

What experience do you have in the industry?
"For many years my role has been to manage business processes, particularly in health, safety and environment. I am responsible for developing and implementing health, safety and environment compliance and the development of processes and practices which promote safe work practices to protect our people and the environment".

Our Story

A Western Australian owned and operated company, making a difference in the industrial energy sector.

Our Purpose

To emerge as Australia’s leading provider of cleaner and greener energy solutions.

To foster continuous growth as a trusted industry leader and become a prominent contributor to the advancement of new energy technologies. 

Vision & Mission

To support our customers achieve measurable improvements through the comprehensive design, installation, operation, and maintenance of industrial and commercial energy systems.

We have a Type-B gas appliance, can you help?

Absolutely, GENEX ENERGY are licenced to design, install, commission, and service Type B gas appliances in Western Australia, and South Australia.

We work on all kinds of industrial gas appliances:

  • Gas Turbines
  • Gas Reciprocating Engines
  • Boilers, Burners, Dryers, Kilns, Furnaces
  • Elution Heaters, and Carbon Regeneration Kilns
  • Water Heaters, Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters.

What areas do you operate in?

We operate anywhere within Western Australia and South Australia, predominantly:

  • Perth Metropolitan
  • South West
  • Mid West
  • Goldfields
  • Pilbara & Kimberley
  • Regional South Australia.

We need a gas and electrical contractor. Can you help?

Yes! GENEX ENERGY is a licenced electrical contractor (EC14803) as well as industrial gasfitting permit holder (GF20979). No need for a second contractor, we are able to assist with all electrical, instrumentation, and burner controls.

Can you help develop a Gas Authorisation Management Plan?

Yes! We assist a number of clients seeking a Category 2 Gas Authorisation Scheme approval from Building and Energy. Our team are able to assist with the development and implementation of:

  • Gas Management Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Authorisation Approvals (from Building and Energy)
  • Onsite training and equipment familiarisation for Supervised and Supervising Gasfitters
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Procedures and Safe Work Instructions.

Your compliance is our business!