Power Station Operations

GENEX ENERGY offers comprehensive power station operation services, including both short and long-term operational shift coverage. Specialising in ensuring seamless operations, we provide services tailored to immediate staffing needs and long-term power station management. Our expertise extends to specialist Power Station Technicians, who use our bespoke software solutions for efficient field inspection, condition assessment reporting, and maintenance workflow management. This innovative approach maximises field time and enhances worker effectiveness. GENEX’s approach to power station operations revolves around effective in-field inspections, data-driven decision-making, and ensuring compliance and safety.

Specialised Power Station Shutdown Services

GENEX ENERGY take pride in offering comprehensive power station support services that go beyond traditional services.

One of our specialised offerings is specialised power station shutdown coverage. Our team of power station specialists are equipped with the skills to operate and maintain all manner of power station equipment during these high activity periods. We understand the critical nature of power stations and the need for seamless operations round the clock.

GENEX ENERGY | specialists in the design, installation, commissioning & servicing of industrial gas (Type-B) appliances.

Short & Long-Term Shift Coverage

GENEX offer a specialised power station labour hire service. Some of our clients who own and operate power stations, often find themselves with a labour shortages for short periods of time.

This may be for shutdowns, or for periods of extended staff sickness or personal leave. GENEX has cornered the market and offers trained personnel, to fill the staff shortages in these instances.

Field Inspection & Maintenance Management

GENEX’s expertise in power station operation and maintenance, positions us to offer clients a comprehensive management service.

Our field technicians employ advanced inspection software to evaluate equipment conditions, identify maintenance strategy gaps, and suggest operational enhancements.

This is complemented by our engineering team, which utilises field data to refine processes and procedures, develop enhanced operational and maintenance strategies, and implement sophisticated digital workflow management solutions.

GENEX Energy design, install, commission, and maintain all manner of industrial electrical, instrumentation, renewable energy and industrial gas appliances.

Maximise time spent in the field, minimise paperwork.

A 20% increase in worker effectiveness. End-to-end, real-time field inspections could save your business time and money.

Power Station Technicians | The Eyes & Ears of the Operation

You need to rely on your onsite inspection team in the field. The information they collect produces real-time safety, quality and operations insight your business needs to make effective decisions. Business success depends upon effective field inspections and decision making, which keeps your business and workers safer, creating a more productive workforce, driving improvement organisation wide and all whilst driving operation and maintenance costs down.

GENEX Energy is improving productivity and reliability with in-field digital solutions for operation, maintenance and servicing of plant and equipment.

FieldView | Digital Inspection Solutions

FieldView replaces outdated paper-based inspection sheets and spreadsheet data storage. The data captured in the field, drives data driven decisions. Sick of Excel spreadsheets, and manual data entry on a repetitive daily basis. Why not automate your data management with a specialised solutions like FieldView.

  • Digital inspection test records for electrical and instrument equipment in hazardous areas.
  • Digital condition assessment and reporting of all plant and equipment
  • Digital procedures for complex tasks.
  • Instant review of field data through a live cloud based solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FieldView used for?

FieldView is a digital inspection tool for the electrical and instrumentation industry. The software assists with the accurate capture of data for test and inspection reports. The data is made easily accessible for further analysis or for record keeping in accordance with legislative requirements.

How much does the software cost?

FieldView is designed to be expandable depending on the size of your organisation. The software is free for small businesses (up to two user accounts). From there the accounts are charged monthly according to a sliding scale based on the number of user accounts.

  • 3-5 users accounts ($39.99 per user account per month)
  • 6-20 user accounts ($29.99 per user account per month)
  • 21-50 user accounts ($24.99 per user account per month)
  • 0ver 50 user accounts ($19.99 per user account per month).

Can I see a demonstration of the software before I make a purchase?

Yes, of course. We have a live demonstration platform to assist in visualising the capabilities of the software. And, if you decide to purchase the software, you have a 28 money back guarantee.

Do you provide any other field software solutions?

Yes. FieldView software is also used for the implementation of procedures and routine maintenance activities. With interactive checklists, the ability to add photos and comments, pass/fail questions etc. The software is fully customisable, so your procedures appear the way you want them to. Our staff will set your systems and procedures up in accordance with your business rules. Our FieldView software speeds up field service work, makes it safer to perform, gives office staff better visuals of field activities and improves on plant performance.

What else can FieldView software do?

The software has been designed to integrate with third party management systems such as SAP and Infor. Our reporting systems allow the user to create instant reports from inspection or service work, for later reference or to attach to a work order. The system allows for the development and use of company specific procedures as well as hazard and incident reporting.

All features are bolt on, so you choose what you want and need and discard the rest.