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July 2023

Industrial Gas Appliance_GE LM6000 (Western Australia Mine Site)
Industrial Gas AppliancesType B Gas Appliances

Guidelines for the approval of Industrial Gas (Type B) appliances in Western Australia

Introduction This article provides comprehensive guidance for the approval of industrial gas (Type-B) appliances in Western Australia. The aim is to assist owner/operators with understanding the regulatory requirements and processes involved in obtaining approval for installing and operation of Type-B gas appliances. Approval is a fine balance between customer, I-class gasfitter, gas inspector and gas network operator. Our team of specialists will provide guidance and technical support throughout the approval process. An Industrial Type B Gas Appliance is defined as: An…
Byron McNeil
July 29, 2023
Corrosion to SWA from the incorrect installation of cable glands
Basics: Common EEHA Inspection IssuesHazardous Areas Management

The Masked Deception: Cable Shrouds in Electrical Installations

Introduction Properly installed electrical systems are not only essential for operational efficiency but also for safety. However, there exists a lesser-known issue that plagues many installations – the misuse of cable shrouds as a means to disguise poor workmanship and their inadvertent contribution to water and dirt accumulation. This article sheds light on how cable shrouds, intended to protect cables and promote safety, can be misused to hide subpar or in-experienced workmanship whilst unintentionally contributing to new hazards.   The…
Byron McNeil
July 26, 2023
Incorrectly installed Ex cable gland with mechanical armour exposed.
Basics: Common EEHA Inspection IssuesHazardous Areas Management

Ensuring Safety in Hazardous Areas: The Perils of Incorrect Cable Gland Installation According to IEC60079 Standards

Introduction In hazardous environments where explosive gases, vapours, or combustible dusts are present, ensuring electrical safety is of paramount importance. Cable glands play a crucial role in providing a secure and safe electrical connection between equipment and cables in these hazardous areas. However, in many cases, cable glands are installed incorrectly, leading to significant safety hazards. One common issue is the exposure of Steel Wire Armored (SWA) cables out the back of the gland. This article explores the potential problems…
Byron McNeil
July 23, 2023
Power Station Operations | GE LM6000 Engine Exchange | Gas Turbine
Industrial Gas AppliancesType B Gas Appliances

Reliably Powering Industry: Comprehensive (Type-B gas appliances) Industrial Gas Services

Introduction Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our success. GENEX aim to provide the most comprehensive service possible for those of our customers needing industrial gas appliance support.   Industrial Energy Specialists Making a Difference   Reliable Design We understand that uninterrupted and smooth operation of industrial gas appliances is vital to the success of heavy industrial gas fired processes. Type-B gas appliances are almost always an integral part of the process and…
Byron McNeil
July 22, 2023