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Industrial Gas AppliancesType B Gas Appliances

Reliably Powering Industry: Comprehensive (Type-B gas appliances) Industrial Gas Services

Introduction Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our success. GENEX aim to provide the most comprehensive service possible for those of our customers needing industrial gas appliance support.   Industrial Energy Specialists Making a Difference   Reliable Design We understand that uninterrupted and smooth operation of industrial gas appliances is vital to the success of heavy industrial gas fired processes. Type-B gas appliances are almost always an integral part of the process and…
Byron McNeil
July 22, 2023
HydrogenIndustrial Gas Appliances

Hydrogen fuel cells are a Type-B gas appliance & require Building & Energy approval in Western Australia

Development & approval of a hydrogen fuel cell technical submission In Western Australia, Hydrogen fuel cells are classified as Type B gas appliances and will require approval from Building and Energy if the gas for operation is supplied by a gas supplier. This article is designed to assist all persons who are proposing or planning to develop a Hydrogen fuel cell project in Western Australia understand some of the requirements for a technical submission. Containerised Hydrogen fuel cell prototype Introduction…
Byron McNeil
June 18, 2023