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EEHA inspections

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FieldView: Inspection & Workflow Management Software

Empowering Field Technicians with Smart Inspection & Workflow Management Technicians working in the field face the challenge of conducting inspections efficiently while maintaining rigorous standards. Enter FieldView, a cutting-edge software solution that has not only transformed the inspection process but has also evolved into a comprehensive workflow management tool. In today's dynamic industrial landscape, managing a successful power station demands precision, real-time data access, and seamless synchronisation between field technicians and their operational hubs. FieldView, leverages the power of 4G…
Byron McNeil
September 26, 2023
Incorrectly installed Ex cable gland with mechanical armour exposed.
Basics: Common EEHA Inspection IssuesHazardous Areas Management

Ensuring Safety in Hazardous Areas: The Perils of Incorrect Cable Gland Installation According to IEC60079 Standards

Introduction In hazardous environments where explosive gases, vapours, or combustible dusts are present, ensuring electrical safety is of paramount importance. Cable glands play a crucial role in providing a secure and safe electrical connection between equipment and cables in these hazardous areas. However, in many cases, cable glands are installed incorrectly, leading to significant safety hazards. One common issue is the exposure of Steel Wire Armored (SWA) cables out the back of the gland. This article explores the potential problems…
Byron McNeil
July 23, 2023